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Ask for offer on our new website: Covid5Test

We are very proud to present you our new website Covid5Test where you can place orders for our revolutionary two-gene RT-LAMP genetic test for SARS-CoV-2. Click and go to: [...]
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Press report: Inno-Gene develops inexpensive and quick coronavirus test

The first News: Specialists from the DNA Research Centre, subsidiary of Polish Inno-Gene Capital Group, have developed an inexpensive and fast COVID-19 RT-LAMP genetic test that gives the result within minutes, with production planned to start next week. [...]
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Revolution in fighting COVID-19

In October, the Poznan DNA Research Centre intends to introduce a new genetic test for detecting the presence of the SARS-COV-2 coronavirus. The test will be performed using a new RT LAMP research method, and its result will be obtained after a few minutes at th [...]
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We organize recruitment for the 'Grants for scientists 2015' contest

DNA Research Centre continues the idea initiated a year ago when the competition for research teams was announced. The concern of it was to carry out for free a study based on the technology of next generation sequencing (NGS). 9 projects were selected from mor [...]
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