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We organize recruitment for the 'Grants for scientists 2015' contest

DNA Research Centre continues the idea initiated a year ago when the competition for research teams was announced. The concern of it was to carry out for free a study based on the technology of next generation sequencing (NGS). 9 projects were selected from more than 40 submissions. DNA Research Centre had sponsored key and the most expensive genetic analyzes. All the projects ended up successfully and the results will be published in reputable journals indexed from the Philadelphia list.


Cooperation and scientific research sponsoring of the DNA Research Centre forms part of Inno-Gene S.A. Group strategies – a cooperation with renowned centers and national research teams' stimulation.


That's why this year we're planning to repeat the contest.


We invite each person who is willing to use our support in the field of small genomes, amplicon plasmids and metagenom sequencing studies to submit apllication. The deadline is 30 September 2015.