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Stock Chart IGN

2,5700 zł
-0,0900 zł
2024-02-20 15:00:00
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INNOGENE - notowania spółki

Market: New Connect
Last close: 2,6600 zł
Last close:
Data początkowa:
Data końcowa:
Średni wolumen:
Średnie obroty:
Open: 2,6500 zł
High: 2,6500 zł
Low: 2,5700 zł
Volume: 200 szt.
Value 514 zł
Qty of trades: 3
Annual return 23,16%
High (1 year): 6,3900 zł
Low (1 year): 2,0000 zł
Trading: dwa fixingi

About us

The project of reading human genome (Human Genome Project), was launched in the eighties of the last century. The work lasted several years and ended in 2003. Today, the best laboratories in the world can do the same - read the genome of any person - in a few hours! This is the best picture of the stroke that has been made in the field of genetics over the years.
Inno-Gene SA groups together enthusiasts who take an active part in the revolution by investing in these laboratories. We believe that in this way we contribute to the development of better and better genetic testing, thus giving hope to thousands of people around the world, improving their quality of life, and sometimes even saving them.

We are present in this market for over 18 years and using this experience, we support the polish scientists from the beginning on their business path. At the same time we make sure that projects carried out by us,  are, in the full sense of the word, innovative. That is how, among others, panel "170 Plus" aroused  allowing in one test to investigate hundred genes, which is a unique study in the world.
We want the companies from Inno-Gene Capital Investment Group to become leaders in genetic testing market in Poland, with time, around the world.
It all happens in the environment of the stock market, because at the same time we constantly want to prove that it is possible to combine business with science, and that the capital market is the best place for it.

Inno-Gene capital group includes the following companies:

  • Centrum Badań DNA sp. z o.o. (DNA Research Center Ltd.)
  • Central Europe Genomics Center sp. z o.o.
  • InnGen S.A.
  • Vita in Silica sp. z o.o.
  • Medgenetix sp. z o.o.
  • Med4one sp. z o.o.
  • Medgenetics sp. z o.o.
  • Genomix sp. z o.o.

Our activity can be summarized in one statement, which became the motto of all the people involved with Inno-Gene SA:

INNOVATIONS are in our genes



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