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Stock Chart IGN

2,5700 zł
-0,0900 zł
2024-02-20 15:00:00
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INNOGENE - notowania spółki

Market: New Connect
Last close: 2,6600 zł
Last close:
Data początkowa:
Data końcowa:
Średni wolumen:
Średnie obroty:
Open: 2,6500 zł
High: 2,6500 zł
Low: 2,5700 zł
Volume: 200 szt.
Value 514 zł
Qty of trades: 3
Annual return 23,16%
High (1 year): 6,3900 zł
Low (1 year): 2,0000 zł
Trading: dwa fixingi


July 2006 – Centrum Badań DNA sp. z o.o. founded by scientists from the Polish Academy of Science arises in Science and Technology Park in Poznań

July 2007 - NZOZ Laboratory of Medical Genetics DNA Research Centre is established, 31 Mickiewicza Street, Poznań

2009 – the DNA Research Centre company obtains first EU grants for projects involving the development and automation of technological processes and implementation of innovative technology of DNA testing based on DNA microarray technology. From that time until 2014, the company will obtain grants in the amount of approx. 30 million złotych successfully implementing several development projects

July 2009 - DNA Research Centre obtains the certification of Quality Management System according to ISO 9001: 2009

June 2010 - all shares of DNA Research Centre company are brought by the owners - Mr. Michał Kaszuba and Mr. Jacek Wojciechowicz - to the newly created entity: Inno-Gene SA

October 2010 - AGM decides on the IPO of the stock Inno-Gene SA and entering to the alternative trading system (New Connect). Among the shareholders of the company appears capital groups of Blumerang SA , which includes the shares of a new issue.

February 2011 - the first listing on the New Connect

2012 - among the shareholders appears PZU AM (6.6% share)

January 2013 - establishment of companies Med4one sp. z o.o. and Medgenetics sp. z o.o. Inno-Gene SA takes the 70% stake in each company. The task of the established companies is to obtain investor or financing for the development of products aimed at the pharmaceutical industry

February 2013 – the subsidiary company – Medgenetics sp. z o.o. and the National Chamber of Commerce establishes a new company Medgenetix sp. z o.o. whose activity is directed towards providing services of the genetic diagnosis  and conducting research and development studies related to personalized medicine, particularly associated with the development of cancer and selection of effective, individualized therapy. Medgenetics sp. z o.o. takes 70% of the shares with a value of 1.68 million złotych and covers them with in-kind contribution

March 2013 - establishment of the CeBiM (Centrum Edukacji Bio-Medycznej sp. z o.o.) company; 49.5% of the share capital comprises DNA Research Centre company in exchange for the contribution of retrieving the value of 800,000 złotych

April 2013 - the subsidiary company – Med4one sp. z o.o. and the National Chamber of Commerce establishes a new company Genomix sp. z o.o.; the task of the Genomix company is to launch their own pharmaceutical products based on genetic analysis in the pharmaceutical industry. Med4one takes 70% of the value of 1.680.000 złotych and covers them in-kind contribution.

June 2013 - acquisition of 20% stake in VitaInSilica sp. z o.o. which is a bioinformatics company aimed at virtual modeling of RNA-protein and protein-ligand interactions as well as performing screenning of the chemical molecules of potential therapeutic and forming bioinformatics software related to personalized medicine.

May 2014 - resignation for personal reasons of the current CEO, Mr. Michał Kaszuba

June 2014 - calling on the CEO, Mr. Jacek Wojciechowicz, former Vice-chairman